Stay relevant in a world that is constantly evolving.
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The evolving technologies of the Digital Revolution are expected to impact our lives more than the industrial revolution did during its first 150 years. We already see how new business models, new technology and new kind of companies are disrupting old truths and beliefs. How will your organisation stay relevant in a future that is constantly evolving?

EVOLVERY offers unequalled Executive Advisory with focus on scaling up and securing business models to stay true in an ever evolving world. We do workshops on future trends, help you adapt your strategy and plans to excel in that future world, lead and drive change. We provide advisory and consultant services to help you with digital strategy, digital business models, digital injections, scaling up / expansions, due diligence (buyer and seller-side readiness). The team can take on advisory/coaching for CEOs, CxOs, Boards, or larger projects such as digital transformations or scale-up strategies.

Scale-up Readiness

We help you secure that your business plan, strategy and ways of working are ready for scaling up – no matter if you are a small start-up, a profitable mid-size or large corporate. 

Digital Advisory

Our team can inject Boards, CEOs, and management teams with relevant digital trends to support you in setting or adjusting vision. We can help you build digital strategies, and provide tools to execute and maintain them.

Scale-up Acquisitions

We offer support for both seller and buyer at potential mergers or acquisitions. We do both classical Due Diligences as well as strategic plans (pre and post acquisitions), digital advisory for buyer, seller-side readiness, etc.


The vision of EVOLVERY is to support companies and organisations to stay relevant in a world that is constantly evolving. EVOLVERY was founded 2018 by the Swedish tech profile Tuva Palm. She has gathered a disruptive team with experiences of scaling up companies as (Candy Crush Saga), Klarna, Java Platform, Nordnet, H&M, Oracle, IKEA, etc. The team excel in fintech, future banking, gaming, consumer based products as well as B2B.

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